I decided to do some experimenting in my spare time to produce some images of my partner’s Hi-Fi – with the idea of creating a unique present for him.  Hi-Fi is his ‘thing’.  When he’s not listening to it, he’s reading the internet forums about it, or working on a new turntable restoration …

It was really good fun playing around with some muted lighting and my 100mm macro lens – and it actually resulted in selling a few images to clients. This was my favourite photograph from the shoot, which I had on display at a local cafe for a while -:

Vinyl and Turntable
Led Zeppelin on Lenco Turntable


I was very pleased to sell the original – and received a commission to produce a similar image using a client’s treasured Elvis LP. I had to learn all about photo-merging for that one, as the record label was less distinctive. The Led Zeppelin Swanson label was a much more iconic image to capture.

Do you know anyone who loves vinyl enough to have their very own version of a favourite LP ..?