What Photography means to amandaclowephotography

PHOTOGRAPHY for me has always been about striving to capture the intense beauty I see,  the awe I feel – and the memories I want to preserve.

It’s all about Emotions

Beauty comes to me in many forms  –  the wonder of a breaking wave;  the soulful,  soft brown eyes of a dog;  the intricate whorl of a dahlia bloom;  the gleaming metal fins of an air-cooled motorbike engine or the seductive lines of an E-Type Jaguar.

You too will see your own versions of beauty in your life.

As for memories;  my motivation is to capture the beauty and emotions in the images I create for others – so they too can relive those special moments whenever they choose.

My Photography follows my passions – and these are varied and jam-packed with enthusiasm.

When you choose me for your Photoshoot – whatever the subject – you will benefit from that enthusiasm,  my warm and friendly approach and my photographic talents,  of course.

My galleries can demonstrate my work – yet the images displayed here are personal to someone other than yourselves.

It is You and Your special world – plus me & my camera – that allows the beauty and emotions unique to you to come to life in images you can share and treasure for years to come …